Fedora Core 4 Yum and Playboy?

Greg Felix gregfelix at airwired.net
Fri Jul 22 12:50:34 MDT 2005

I don't think this is as nice as synaptic, but you might want to look at
yumex (YUM Extender).  It's pretty good.  I don't think it has a
category view which I liked in synaptic.

You should be able to 'yum install yumex' I think.


On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 12:40 -0600, Bryan Sant wrote:
> On 7/21/05, Gabriel Gunderson <gabe at gundy.org> wrote:
> > On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 10:29 -0600, Doran Barton wrote:
> > I still think it has a long way to go.  It is *getting* there but
> > apt-get still takes it.
> Agreed.  I use Yum because it is there by default and does the job,
> but it's still not as nice as apt4rpm.  I think the output format of
> apt is better and I'm not aware of a Yum front-end that is as nice as
> Synaptic.  Further, Yum forces you to freshen the list of packages on
> repositories before you can do anything.  Apt doesn't force you to
> update unless you want to -- it will use a local snapshot of the
> packages previously downloaded from the repositories.  This is nice
> for searching for a package, etc.
> Yum on the other hand:
> # yum search cups
> Yea!  I get to wait 500 years for yum to download the remote packge
> list before it peforms my stupid search.
> Yum isn't yummy yet.
> -Bryan
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