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Fri Jul 22 12:16:16 MDT 2005

Jason Hall wrote:
> On Thursday 21 July 2005 06:30 pm, Josh Coates wrote:
>>it seems to me that it is an all to common road the people take here - they
>>don't want to pay their dues by working their butts off in a hard school
>>for four years, and *then* go get an awesome job and tackle the next stage
>>of their career.
> Probably because it is next to impossible to actually *do* here.  Almost no 
> local company seems to be willing to pay for a good education in an employee.  
> THings are getting better, but most local places go for the sweatshop/just 
> enough attitude.

I also agree to a point. I started college at 14 and then went to a top 
university that allows me to name my ticket in a lot of respects (and 
that a lot of folks would die just to have taken a single class from) 
but I found it hard to find a good job at times due to this same 
attitude; also partly due to the perception I would be too expensive. 
So, in the end, I went and created my own job (after trying to remove it 
from my resume). Sure, I could go live somewhere that I don't want to, 
but why would I place myself in such misery just for a job that might be 
cut in favor of off-shore outsourcing and then be stuck in a town I 
didn't want to be residing in to begin with (i.e. anything in California 
... even though I was born and partly raised there).

However, Josh does have some good advice if you want to climb the 
corporate IT ladder.  I've heard of Josh prior to moving to Utah Valley 
and I know he's seen some of what I've seen, so I don't totally dismiss 
his evaluations.  But I do think each individual should look at their 
path and where they want to go in order to make that educational path 
decision.  Basically, hit a higher end school fer technology if you wish 
to persue mostly the corporate scene.  Otherwise, if you wish to remain 
independent, then either path is fine, BUT never drop the self education 
(whether reading a book or taking a class here and there) despite your 
formal education choice.

hope that helps a bit,

Mister Ed

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