Thunderbird & Exchange

Greg Felix gregfelix at
Fri Jul 22 09:25:49 MDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 02:57 -0600, Ken Jordan wrote:
> My work is looking for a replacement e-mail client for Outlook within 
> part of our company. I've heard and read a few articles saying that it's 
> possible to configure Thunderbird to work with MS Exchange 2000. Anyone 
> do this or konw how to do it?
> ken

1. Evolution is the easiest to hook up if you get the exchange
connector, but it's only available on Linux and your email didn't
specify an OS.

2. The fallback option is to connect to Exchange with IMAP.  First, the
Exchange administrator has to turn IMAP access on.  Then you can connect
to it with any IMAP enabled client (Evolution, Thunderbird, ...)

The connection syntax is kinda funky.  It think it's:


mine was


Hope this helps


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