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Levi Pearson levi at
Thu Jul 21 15:10:51 MDT 2005

On Jul 21, 2005, at 3:01 PM, Eric Jensen wrote:

> I'm open to all opinions.  I am still young and have options so I will
> definately chew on this.  I have a great technology job and have  
> grown a
> lot in just a matter of months.  I am thinking of doing some school
> though, just not full time.  If anybody has any recommendations for
> classes in Utah schools I think that would be great.  I'll  
> definitely be
> looking into the things that Levi linked to.  And to answer TJ's
> question, no I'm not sure I want C/C++. ;)  I don't honestly even know
> what is avaliable outside of web scripting.  So I will be looking into
> that D language.  Really appreciate all the thoughts.

Unfortunately, the options here for a part-time computer science  
education are not nearly at the level Josh is suggesting.   The major  
universities have decent CS programs, and there have definitely been  
some CS luminaries from Utah schools, but the programs are hard to do  
without a VERY flexible work schedule.

I'm trying to finish my degree at UVSC, since it's one of the few CS  
programs with night classes available, but so far the quality of  
classes is below that of the BYU CS department, and even that is well  
below the class of education you'd get at something like MIT.

Speaking of MIT, the Structure and Interpretation of Computer  
Programs is an MIT textbook, so it'll give you an idea of what sort  
of education you'd get there.  This isn't to say you've got to go  
there; I think if you're sufficiently self-motivated, you can teach  
yourself a lot of what you'd miss out on.   But definitely get a  
computer science degree AND a solid education, whether they come from  
the same school or not. :)


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