Languages and Books

Eric Jensen eric at
Thu Jul 21 15:01:26 MDT 2005

Josh Coates wrote:

>>I've been strictly a web scripter with Perl and PHP and I am wanting to
>branch out...Anyhoo, recommendations are very appreciated.
>this is probably more than you wanted to hear, but i sincerely believe this:
I'm open to all opinions.  I am still young and have options so I will
definately chew on this.  I have a great technology job and have grown a
lot in just a matter of months.  I am thinking of doing some school
though, just not full time.  If anybody has any recommendations for
classes in Utah schools I think that would be great.  I'll definitely be
looking into the things that Levi linked to.  And to answer TJ's
question, no I'm not sure I want C/C++. ;)  I don't honestly even know
what is avaliable outside of web scripting.  So I will be looking into
that D language.  Really appreciate all the thoughts.


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