Yum vs Apt

Richard Esplin richjunk1 at byu.net
Thu Jul 21 14:57:40 MDT 2005

I find apt4rpm to be a very clumsy tool to use. Even Debian has largely 
abandoned the artificial distinction between apt-get and apt-cache. Aptitude, 
like Yum, is much easier to use. Thankfully, Aptitude does not insist on 
doing a cache update before every transaction. I'm surprised that the Yum 
developers decided that spending five seconds between every single command to 
check for repository changes was a good idea.

Richard Esplin

On Thursday 21 July 2005 14:13, Michael Torrie wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 12:47 -0600, Doran Barton wrote:
> > apt4rpm was a great blessing when it first came on the scene, but it is
> > and always will be a hack to superimpose apt package management (designed
> > for Debian) on top of RPM packages. Yum, on the other hand, was built
> > from the ground up for RPM.
> apt has always been designed to be somewhat free of the underlying
> packing system.  Thus it's not a hack to impose apt on rpm.  It's just a
> natural progression and it works every bit as well as on debian, save
> that debian packages have some built in configurability and finer
> grained packages than rpm.  Except for that, rpm == deb (as in
> equivalence).  And this apt is equally adept and comfortable in the RPM
> world.
> Yum was built to handle some of the specific idiosyncrasies of RPM.
> This is undeniable.
> > Trust me guys, apt4rpm taught the RPM world a lesson and yum is the
> > response. It has crossed the threshold and can hold its own now. There's
> > a reason the third-party RPM repository maintainers (e.g. Dag, freshRPMs,
> > Dries, etc.) are advocating yum over apt4rpm. I held onto apt4rpm for a
> > while too, but I never looked back once I made the switch.
> I use both apt4rpm and yum on the same machines (FC3 and FC4).  I like
> yum for the group install thing, but I still use apt for installing
> individual packages; it just is faster.  Anyway, both systems work great
> and can even be used on the same system, so no big deal.
> I have Dag, Freshrpms, all the rpmforge repositories, plus extras and
> standard FC stock channels all working with yum and apt.
> I'm not ready to completely abandon one for the other.  I need them
> both.

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