Yum vs Apt (was Re: Fedora Core 4 Yum and Playboy?)

Mitch Anderson mitch at metauser.net
Thu Jul 21 12:56:51 MDT 2005

Doran Barton wrote:

> Trust me guys, apt4rpm taught the RPM world a lesson and yum is the 
> response. It has crossed the threshold and can hold its own now. 
> There's a reason the third-party RPM repository maintainers (e.g. Dag, 
> freshRPMs, Dries, etc.) are advocating yum over apt4rpm. I held onto 
> apt4rpm for a while too, but I never looked back once I made the switch.

Nor have I, and I used to dislike yum for the same reasons people have 
stated... and a few more.


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