Fedora Core 4 Yum and Playboy?

Eric Jensen eric at emstraffic.com
Thu Jul 21 11:23:35 MDT 2005

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:

>I think I'm going to get myself noticed.  I was updating FC4 and the
>mirror it was trying to use was playboy.com [1].  That will raise some
>eyebrows when the squid proxy logs get chewed.  The update timed out
>because our ACL lists wouldn't allow that site.
>How long has this been the case (I usually use apt-get so I wouldn't
>know)?  What can I do to change that?  I see a setting that points to a
>list of yum mirrors but don't know where to point it.
>[1] http://mirrors.playboy.com/fedora/updates/4/i386/repodata/repomd.xml

Seems to me that "Yum" and "Playboy" fit together just fine.


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