redundant NICs

Hans Fugal hans at
Thu Jul 21 09:11:01 MDT 2005

1 Server, 1 IP, 2 NICs.  Load balancing would be nice, redundancy is the
primary goal. i.e. if a NIC dies, life goes on over the alternate NIC
without interruption.

Google points me towards bonding the NICs
(Documentation/networking/bonding.txt) but I wondered if anyone had done
this and what approach you took.

Just to make this post educational, they originally set up 2 IP
addresses - one for each NIC - so that they could always get to the
server with at least one IP address. This does not work as you would
think though, if both NICs are on the same subnet, and only one card
ends up being used for both IP addresses, and its failure is the end for
both addresses.

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