Big event change for August.

Jason Hall jason at
Wed Jul 20 14:20:21 MDT 2005

ok folks, we have a major shift in topic for this month.  Gary was kind enough 
to delay his presentation so we can bring in a special presenter.

Damian Conway [1] has agreed to present a free presentation while he is in 
town on a training contract.  For those not familar with Damian, he is one of 
the biggest names in the Perl world, and is an amazing presenter.  His 
discussions are amazingly informative, while side-splitting with humor.  He 
is the author of 'Object Oriented Perl' [2], and the just released 'Perl Best 
Practices' [3] (Which I was able to review, amazing book) [4].

This event will be on the normal plug night (Wednesday 10, August), but we 
will be holding it at UVSC (room TBD) to accomidate the larger crowd.  The 
meeting time will likely start a touch earlier to allow for the extra 

Oreilly is already sending books and swag for the event, and we are looking 
for other sponsors (food && swag), so if your company would like to get's 
it's name out, please contact me.

If you are interested in Perl, Perl6, Language Design, or scripting in 
general, or you just want to be amazed at a good geek presenter, do not miss 
this event.  Remember, this is normal a rather expensive thing to attend.

Damian has offered to talk on the following subjects:
 Extreme Perl – The Horror That Is SelfGOL [5] 
 Life, The Universe, and Everything [6]
 Perl 6 Update [7]
 Quantum::Superpositions [8]
 Sufficiently Advanced Technologies [9]
 Lingua::Romana::Perligata: Perl for the XXI-imus century [10]

The first of those is an amazing brain bender about obfuscation, but the 
others present much more "practical" concepts.  If you have an opinion, 
please reply to the thread.

And there will be QA time if people want, about Perl6, programming in Klingon, 
Bleaching code, or anything else.


Jason Hall (Jayce^)
Provo Linux Users Group
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