C. Ed Felt edfelt at
Tue Jul 19 16:11:16 MDT 2005

I am looking for a customizable Help Desk System that does the following:

   1. Uses PHP and a db back end.
   2. Ticket tracking and logging system for customer support cases.
   3. agent, admin, manager logins and case/Knowledge Base creation and
   4. Known issue tracker (built it bug tracker would probably be fine).
   5. Open Source and free of course
   6. A "tech level" solution article service (for techs to write
      solutions to share with other techs).
   7. A graduated Knowledge Base system where one or several references
      tech level solutions can be used to create "supported" fixes for
      common issues.

I am willing to build this myself if need be, (but would rather not if 
there is already something out there that does this).  I have looked 
around and am not too impressed, and don't have much time to test every 
free Help Desk system out there.  If there are bits and pieces any of 
you have put together to do this or a full system that does it all, 
please let me know.

-Ed Felt

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