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Mon Jul 18 09:18:31 MDT 2005

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     My workplace is currently seeking entry level tech support
personnel.  We are a 4 year old company that is start to truly grow
dealing with website security.  We do vulnerability assessment
certification for PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
We have a great team here already.  Looking for some more individuals.
We are located in Orem, UT right across the freeway from UVSC.

Ok here is the stuff.
Entry level Tech support to deal with established clients over inbound
telephone calls and emails.  Help them understand vulnerability
assessment test reports and what to do to correct the items on the test.
Also ability to help in house with IT is a good plus.

Skills needed: numchuck skills, tracking skills...  j/k..
Phone usage skills.  (You know... don't insult the clients..)
General computer ability.
Knowledge of basic networking,
General Linux knowledge helps (Whatever distro you care to love the
Security knowledge definitely a plus...

Pay scale:
$9-14/hr full time (Depends on Experience)

Just send me your resume if you desire or questions if you have them.  I
am not the hiring manager so smoozing won't get you the job.  (Can't
hurt your chances either...)

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Michael Klingler

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