Hacking the Linksys WRT54G

Michael Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Sun Jul 17 22:08:14 MDT 2005

On Sun, 2005-07-17 at 19:01 -0700, Chris Carey wrote:
> Interesting. I am currently running Freeman from
> TheIndividual on my v2 box and Alchemy 1 from
> TheIndividual on my v1.1 box.
> The main feature I wanted for them was WDS and the two
> work great together.
> Id like to look into this OpenWRT though. It is able
> to seperate certain ports (of the four lan ports) to
> be used as a DMZ? It seems that would require another
> network interface.

You can do that with the freeman firmware too.  It's a matter of using
vconfig or something.  I have done it before.

With openwrt it is very easy to define the vlan's in the nvram and then
get the ifup command to automatically set things up.  Basically the
wrt54g has a 5-port ethernet switch device, collectively known as
"eth0."  Using vlan tagging on the ethernet packets, you can group the
ports anyway you want.

I'm planning to completely turn off bridging between my ports and do
straight routing with vlans (and firewall rules between each vlan).

I just barely discovered that with a couple of simple nvram settings and
the nas ipkg, I can turn on WPA, which is nice.  Anyway, I don't miss
the web interface at all.

> Also please check out my GKrellM for WRT54G page:
> http://chriscarey.us/software/gkrellm/wrt54g/

very cool.  Copying to /usr/bin now... (I love having a writable


> -chris carey


Michael Torrie <torriem at chem.byu.edu>

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