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Sat Jul 16 23:23:46 MDT 2005

On Sat, Jul 16, 2005 at 11:02:41PM -0600, Richard Esplin wrote:
> If companies only received revenue for support, then wouldn't the
> incentive be to build non-intuitive but useful software in order to
> increase the volume of support calls?
> My epiphany came when I realized that this is the current open
> source business model.


Take for example either RHEL or SLES. Where is this supposed lack of
usability? They are easier to install and configure than any other
operating system I have ever seen. The documentation available for the
major apps is superb. Free support channels saturate the Internet. The
tools are mature and intuitive. Anyone who claims that
business-targeted distro's suffer from serious usability issues is
spreading FUD.

Businesses are very interested in enhancing Linux usability. I attend
meetings on a regular basis that focus entirely on usability. There is
active collaboration among various LTC teams (performance, security,
standards, filesystems, drivers, etc.) to enhance usability wherever
an opportunity for improvement is identified. Businesses care very
much about Linux usability and work actively on it.

(As always, these are just my own opinions, and not necessarily those
of my employer.)

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