Linux and Philosophy

Stephen Shaw sshaw at
Sat Jul 16 21:26:21 MDT 2005

Thanks for the replies.  I'm really impressed by the comments.  I should
have stated int he beginning a little better.  I'm not this best at
writing.  This help with the proofing and rewriting the drafts.  thanks
for pointing out those things Stuart.  I am mainly meant proprietary
software.  Thanks for realigning there.

When I'm finished with it anyone can have a copy.  Hopefully it will be
of some worth.  


PS  If it works in my paper can I use anyone email from this thread?

On Sat, 2005-07-16 at 20:04 -0600, Stephen Shaw wrote:
> I'm writing a paper for my ethics and values class at UVSC and my topic
> is Linux.  The approach that I'm taking is Open Source: Restoring
> Freedom.  The idea is that Microsoft has stolen our freedom to choose
> and that with all the things that surround Linux and the Open Source
> community we regain that freedom of choose. ie apps, OS, etc.  I was
> wondering what others thought about this.
> -Stephen
> PS  I've got most of it done.  Not looking for someone to do my research
> paper :)   Just curious
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