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Fri Jul 15 16:54:37 MDT 2005

> I'm going to start doing some contract work. I always hear 
> these jargon-filled statements about setting up some sort of 
> corporation or LLC or something, but I have no clue what that 
> all means yet. But I set up my own DNS and mail servers so 
> maybe this is for me. ;-) Where do you find the manpages 
> about this stuff?
> We discussed getting yourself an accountant, that much I did 
> find. Is that still good advice for part-time consulting 
> work? Will any old (or
> young) accountant do, or do they have to specialize in self 
> employment stuff?


For just a little contract work here and there it might be cheaper just
to file as a sole-proprietor and file with your income taxes rather than
filing as an LLC.  Any Windows tax program (if you dare) will walk you
through the steps of doing this.  You will want to be very careful in
writing your contract that you are not holding the responsibility in any
way so they cannot take away your own property and money if they choose
to do so however if you do file this way.  Otherwise you and your
family's money is liable and could be taken away in court should you be
sued.  If you can find a good friend very familiar with contract law and
contracts you can probably have a good contract that does this for cheap
(or free).


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