UT Lisp Users Group?

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 11:04:31 MDT 2005

> I have implemented applications in Objective Caml, Ruby, Perl, C++,
> Java, and C. I have a working knowledge Lisp and Python. I love coding
> in Objective Caml, Lisp, and Ruby, but if, in a real world
> mission-critical situation, a client were to come to me and ask me to
> implement an application for him, I would likely choose C, because of
> my experience and level of confidence with the language. That alone, I
> would argue, makes C the best language for the job, if I am on it.

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Excellent post Michael.  Ditto that.  I think we all fall into that
boat.  Language wars remind me so much of the marial arts.  I'm a
black-belt in a system called Shaolin Ch'wan Fa -- the roots of modern
day Kenpo karate (so I usually just say I practiced Kenpo).  I really
enjoyed learning the system I chose.  It was great for me and agreed
with the way I naturally thought about combat.  Others disagree and
think the system the learned is "the best".  It's almost a matter of
religon with those who study difference martial arts systems. 
Nonetheless, no matter what system you chose to learn -- so long as
you stick with it -- you'll be effective at using it.  I've studied a
lot of other martial arts systems too.  However, if I were backed in a
corner by some big ugly guys, I would defend myself with techniques
from the system I know best.

In software engineering, I enjoy learning about other languages, but I
favor the languages/technologies that I know best when faced with a
serious solution to implement.


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