UT Lisp Users Group?

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 11:48:46 MDT 2005

> You completely missed the point of Graham's comment. Technology matters
> much less than the quality of the people in a company.


> Java programmers spring from the earth like weeds.

Wo!  Cool.

>Choosing a language like Perl or Python requires a little
> more bravery. Because the company is accepting a larger "risk"


> it's an indication that the median quality of the programmers in a company is
> probably higher

Says who?  Paul Graham?  Slashdot?

> or at least that the company has enough confidence to
> believe its employees are good enough to buck convention.

Think outside of the box and all that.

>Choosing Lisp is... gutsy.


> A company that chooses to use Lisp is accepting the fact
> that they'll have a pretty hard time finding qualified employees based
> on the assumption that those they do find will generally be of much
> higher caliber.

Kind of like the people you find who play Tux Racer are probably
better at playing Tux Racer than those who play UT2004 are at playing
UT2004.  Because fewer people have been exposed to Tux Racer and thus
fewer people play it, those who do play it are 10 times better at it
than those who might play a more popular game...  It's all making
perfect sense to me.

> At least where Lisp is concerned, that's probably a pretty safe assumption.

I believe that those who use Lisp or Python or Perl are smart people. 
I also think that those who use C or C++ or Java are smart too.  I
believe your first statement is so true.  It's the people that you
hire that matter the most, not the programming language they use. 
Paul Graham is a bigot.  He's trying to make an argument that if a
company uses Oracle and C++ they are less of the threat than someone
who uses Lisp.  Ya -- I think companies that hire whites are more of a
threat than those who hire orientals...  Ummm...  Sure.

There's only two things I hate:  Those who are intolerant of other
peoples programming laugage...  And PHP!!  *joke*


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