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Jason Hall jason at
Wed Jul 13 09:20:37 MDT 2005

On Tuesday 12 July 2005 08:27 am, jeff wrote:
> Does anyone know of any good hardware for rebooting systems?
> We have some servers in FL.  Some of them kernel panics.  I am fairly
> certain that it is the dialogic (telephony) drivers causing it.  I need
> to be able to reboot the systems from here.  I am going to add serial
> ttys to each so I can get the panic messages.  My manager is getting
> evil ideas, like putting windows on them.

Depending on your hardware, it might have some.  For instance our Dell 
hardware comes with the DRAC interface, which is basically a small computer 
inside the computer, which we can use via telnet and other interfaces to get 
console, power switching, and other.

Other options could be NPS (network power strip), to simply toggle the power.  
Or a KVM over IP solution.

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