Seeking Old Computers and Monitors to Blow Up

Daniel C. dcrookston at
Wed Jul 13 11:09:49 MDT 2005

Can I be there when he blows them up?  I'd be willing to be your
waterboy or whatever, help out however I can, so I'm not just standing
there taking up space.


On 7/13/05, Jordan Gunderson <jordy at> wrote:
> Yesterday I ran into Dave Skousen, an old buddy of mine who is into
> filmmaking and has done some interesting projects.  He is looking for a
> bunch of old computers and monitors he can blow up for some footage he
> needs.
> So anybody have old equiptment you would like to see blown up?  I'll
> make sure to post the footage so you can all see it.
> Jordy

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