Seeking Old Computers and Monitors to Blow Up

Lars Rasmussen lars.rasmussen at
Wed Jul 13 10:31:14 MDT 2005

On 7/13/05, Gabriel Gunderson <gabe at> wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 10:15 -0600, Weston Cerny wrote:
> > I have quite a few P133s and P166s if you are interested and some
> > pretty ugly old stuff that i don't know what it is.
> I've got a bit of C4 hanging around from my more angry days.  You can
> pack a little bit of that into a drive bay and send those things to big
> storage closet in the sky.
> Seriously, You need to get a torrent of the sweet footage and post it on
> slashdot.
> Gabe

The Slashdot Effect - not a bad idea for a load test for the UVLUG server, eh?

Go for it Jordy, set up a tracker for the torrent!

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