*WAY* OT: Pete Ashdown for Utah Senator in 2006

Nicholas Leippe nick at byu.edu
Tue Jul 12 18:56:21 MDT 2005

Since when does the government force club organizations to alter their 
practices?  There are many clubs that discriminate.  Religions 
'discriminate'.  The LDS religion already does so by means of the baptism 
interview and the temple recommend processes.  Last I knew, it was perfectly 
legal for clubs and religious organizations to freely choose to whom they 
would extend membership, privileges, and services/rituals.  And, if I 
understand my Bill of Rights correctly, the government _cannot_ interfere 
with such 'discrimination' if it is within the context of practicing a 
religion (so long as it does not extend to acts of persecution).

Just because the state issues a license to practice a service does not mean 
that the practitioner must provide the service to whomever requests it.  
Judges turn down cases all the time.  There are few licenses that explicitly 
revoke from the licensee the option to refuse service.  (Medical licenses are 
one example of a type that does.)

Would a priest be required to marry a rabbi if requested?  Vice versa?


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