*WAY* OT: Pete Ashdown for Utah Senator in 2006

Dan Stovall dbstovall at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 15:45:33 MDT 2005

> civic pressure in 1978, and it is currently fighting against gay and
> lesbian rights today.

I assume you are referring to the gay marriage debate.  As far as I
know, on other gay rights issues, such as hate crime legislation and a
gay bill of rights, the church has made no statements.  In the case of
gay marriage the church has a vested interest in the debate.  From
what I have read, as a political body the church doesn't want to be
forced by the government into a position of conflict with itself.  If
gay marriage became legal it is conceivable, and has been proposed in
some states, that the government could only allow people to have a
marriage license that would perform gay marriages.  This would be a
way to try and force the church to allow homosexuals to marry in the
temple.  Of course, the church would never allow gay marriage in the
temple so the sealers would lose the legal power to perform marriages.
 Since the church's stance on chastity is no sex except with your
legal and lawful spouse, church members would have to be married both
at the courthouse and in the temple.  Really, that is only a minor
inconvenience for many.  So the church is really fighting to make sure
that it is able to retain it's rights to legally marry in the temple
those it deems worthy.  Now, I believe that the church has opposed all
gay marriage initiatives, even those that had no restrictions on the
legal authority to marry.  Since I am a member I will give them the
benefit of the doubt that they are merely trying to avoid the
possibility that the sealers would lose the legal right to marry.

There actually is a precedent for this from what I hear.  Early in its
history BYU refused to accept federal funding.  Later, the government
put stipulations on those schools that had received those funds.  They
had to provide mixed sex student housing.  BYU avoided the issue by
having rejected the funds, but other ecclesiastical schools had
problems with this and had quite a headache fighting it.

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