Slightly OT: Pete Ashdown for Utah Senator in 2006

Eric Jensen eric at
Tue Jul 12 15:12:36 MDT 2005

That was a good read. ;)  As impossible as this, as well as many other
topics, is to find the perfect solution, it sure is fun to hear all the
different views and insights people have.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the
past few off topic threads.


Josh Coates wrote:

>see?  this is what i meant.  this is so confusing.
>did i mention that i'm pro-choice when it comes to manslaughter?
>the government has all these restrictions and exceptions about manslaughter
>but i think it's between me and my god if i want to kill a man.  based on my
>religious beliefs i should be able to *choose* if the killing is acceptable
>between me and my god.  instead, with few exceptions, they make it illegal
>to kill people.  i think this is unfair and goes against my belief in
>i mean, i personally don't think it's right to kill another man, but who am
>i to force my morals on the rest of the people?  let them choose for
>themselves.  that's what the choice is about.
>Josh Coates

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