Slightly OT: Pete Ashdown for Utah Senator in 2006

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Tue Jul 12 14:49:50 MDT 2005

Dan Wilson wrote:

> So, say I believe that murder is ok if I really, really don't like the
> person.  That's my belief... the government shouldn't force other's
> beliefs on my.

This is not a true matter of beliefs.  Nor is it entirely about choices. 
  It's about free agency and consequences.  Free agency never exists 
without consequences and the knowledge of those consequences.  There are 
times that such proceedures such as abortion might be necessary.  I 
think most would agree on either side that those presented are still 
acceptable despite the scope of the arguments at hand.  The real problem 
arises in that people want choices (freedoms) without consequences. 
they want to preserve free agency, yet not pay for those choices. 
Choice without consequnce destroys free agency.  If a gal goes and gets 
knocked up on her own initiative (planned or instant gratification 
thingy), does she have the right to escape the consequences of her 
actions?  Time tested insight and wisdom usually says no.

So it's tricky at best in todays society that is used to getting their 
agendas satisfied.  But I ask, who are we to enforce consequences 
outlined from "powers" above us?  Only those forces that set such 
consequences as "law" can enforce them (whether you believe in God or 
not, you must acknowledge there are some laws inteh universe that ring 
true despite man's efforts to change them).  We can and should encourage 
better choices (not by force) and that is where I think it should be 
left at.

Finally, do we really want a guberment that tells us everything we can 
and cannot do based on the poor choices of others that caused knee jerk 
reactions to cover all bases/possibilites with new laws?  The Guberment 
can't even balance it's own budget, how can any citizen then have faith 
that the very same guberment knows best about subjects like child birth, 
child development, education, how to ride a bicycle safely or you'll get 
a ticket, and many other aspects of free agency they are already 
regulating for the masses?  When will people start standing up and 
refusing to allow their liberties to be further drowned in legislation 
and politics?

Just something to think upon individually...

Mister Ed

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