So far OT it's not even funny: Pete Ashdown for Utah Senator in 2006

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Tue Jul 12 14:18:19 MDT 2005

> So, say I believe that murder is ok if I really, really don't 
> like the person.  That's my belief... the government 
> shouldn't force other's beliefs on my.
> That argument doesn't make sense when a human life is 
> involved.  Sure, my example is more clean cut, but it's still 
> a human life.
> -Dan
> PS.  I don't want to get into this on a linux list, so I 
> won't say anything more about it.  I just had to comment this 
> one time.

The only reason I would ever be pro-choice is due to this reason - yes,
murder is wrong and mandated illegal by the government.  However, one
still needs the capability to kill in able to defend one's own liberties
and life, for instance in the case of war.  The government in this case
is usually pro-choice - one always has the right to defend his or her
own life.  The same goes for abortion.  There are several cases with
abortion (as stated already) in which one must have the choice to put
their own life above the baby's.  Last I checked this is also LDS
policy.  Although I agree from a personal standpoint that abortion is
wrong and should never be used except in rare cases accepted by my own
faith and beliefs, it is very hard to mandate by law under what
circumstances a woman should be able to abort.  Being a father of
children and husband of a wife both of whom I love dearly, I would
prefer to leave that choice up to the woman.  If my wife were on the
verge of dying due to her pregnancy, I want the capability myself to be
able to pray and consider with my wife what we feel is okay with the
Lord, rather than relying on the government to tell us how to make that

In my own faith we believe we came to this earth and chose Christ's plan
because we wanted to be able to choose right from wrong, not be told by
someone else what was the right thing to do.  We are a freedom-loving
people who believes in choice to protect our own lives and liberties.
Now whether that is pro-life or pro-choice, you can decide.  Personally,
I feel the pro-life/pro-choice stance is only chosen so one can gain
support by their own political party for particular political purposes.

I too, am done on this topic. :-)


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