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Mitt Romney was Pro-Choice when he ran for Governor of MA, FYI.


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Bryan Sant wrote:
> If you are meeting young LDS women who are saying, "I'm 
> pro-choice...", they are dead wrong according to the LDS doctrine.  We

> are given very clear direction from our leadership.  The use of 
> abortion should be limited to rape victims or saving the mothers life 
> (and both of these should only be done if the mother has strong 
> feelings to do so).  Other than these two scenarios, a woman who has 
> an abortion faces a Disciplinary Council and may be excommunicated 
> from the Church.  It is a serious, serious, sin.

Someone who is "pro-choice" doesn't necessarily think it's okay for them
to get an abortion personally, only that they don't think the government
should outlaw it for those who don't have religious beliefs against it.
 Perhaps that is what she meant.  Is it wrong, according to LDS
doctrine,    to support the legalization of things that are forbidden by
LDS doctrine, since not everybody is LDS?
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