Slightly OT: Pete Ashdown for Utah Senator in 2006

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Tue Jul 12 11:10:22 MDT 2005

> this is an interesting idea, but i believe that often times mormons are
> confused about the doctrine of agency, and their confusion translates into
> misguided political views.
> abortion is the classic case.  i've heard many young mormon women say "i'm
> pro-choice because i believe in free-agency."

If you are meeting young LDS women who are saying, "I'm
pro-choice...", they are dead wrong according to the LDS doctrine.  We
are given very clear direction from our leadership.  The use of
abortion should be limited to rape victims or saving the mothers life
(and both of these should only be done if the mother has strong
feelings to do so).  Other than these two scenarios, a woman who has
an abortion faces a Disciplinary Council and may be excommunicated
from the Church.  It is a serious, serious, sin.

> they might as well say  "i believe in legalizing [child abuse | murder |
> crack | prostitution |
> anything-else-you-can-think-of-that-you-personally-find-immoral] because i
> believe in free-agency."  oh, and i guess i should mention that the term
> 'free-agency' is sort of redundant and while i'm at it i'll remind everyone
> in the mormon audience that 'moisture' is not the same thing as rain.

You are *absolutely* correct.  We have all been granted free-agency in
this life.  But the "free" means "freedom" not "without price".  All
choices have a consequence (good or bad).  If you do something wrong
(and you don't repent) you will be accountable for that.  Both by the
laws-of-the-land and at Judgement Day.  Many people don't like hearing
this.  They would rather believe that "if it feels good, do it!" and
there shouldn't be any negative consequences.  You can imagine where
this thought process leads most people who indulge it.  What a shallow
use of what could be accomplished with this life experience.

> reminds me of the bumber stickers i'd see in berkeley - one sticker
> promoting safe & legal abortion and the other bumber sticker promoting the
> abolition of the death penalty, both on the same bumber.

Yikes!  I hope the average young mormon woman you meet doesn't make
statements that remind you of such a gross hypocrisy.


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