remote reset

Ryan Erickson ryan at
Tue Jul 12 08:40:33 MDT 2005

There are commercially-available watchdog timers and heartbeat monitors
available.  I unfortunately don't have a recommendation, as I've never
needed them.

Something like this, assuming you can get Linux software for the heartbeat...

If I were doing it for a home / non-commercial setting, I'd probably just
build something with a Basic Stamp to monitor the serial tty, and look for
the panic message and / or a heartbeat message sent to the tty.  It'd be
easy to have the Basic Stamp open / close a contact to cause a relay
closure attached to the reset button.


On Tue, July 12, 2005 8:27 am, jeff said:
> Does anyone know of any good hardware for rebooting systems?
> We have some servers in FL.  Some of them kernel panics.  I am fairly
> certain that it is the dialogic (telephony) drivers causing it.  I need
> to be able to reboot the systems from here.  I am going to add serial
> ttys to each so I can get the panic messages.  My manager is getting
> evil ideas, like putting windows on them.
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