Slightly OT: Pete Ashdown for Utah Senator in 2006

Michael Huston mike at
Tue Jul 12 05:28:32 MDT 2005

--- Carl Youngblood <carl.youngblood at> wrote:

> Fusion does not produce anywhere near the amount of waste that
> current 
> fission reactors do (which is what he was referring to when he talked
> about 
> nuclear testing), and fusion byproducts only last about 100 years,
> while 
> fission byproducts last over 100,000 years. No doublethink there.

I don't know about the waste; it would be a fair trick to create fusion
energy that wastes less. A small fusion bomb creates a 10 megaton
explosion, whereas a large fission bomb created a 15 kiloton explosion.
If  they weren't wasting as much energy, a fusion plant would be able
to power the entire country of France.

The fuel for hydrogen fussion is a lot cheaper, though.

There is no logical reason for our country to test warheads. We already
have more than enough power in our nuculear arsenal to kill anything on
the planet that is not a roach.

I am not a roach,

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