Slightly OT: Pete Ashdown for Utah Senator in 2006

Doran Barton fozz at
Mon Jul 11 21:23:07 MDT 2005

Not long ago, Josh Coates proclaimed...
> of course, there is a question about the usefulness of pete ashdown even
> running for senate in the first place.  if he's really serious, it seems
> like he should maybe start out running for city council, then maybe after a
> few years run for mayor, then consider national politics.  

See this for a good overview of Pete: 

  < > 

If you buy what this story says (not that I'm suggesting its not to be
bought), then Pete *tried* to get someone with political experience to run
against Hatch so Ashdown and others could back them financially. It seems
nobody was willing to step up to the plate - even with the promise of some

This much is true: Pete's got a huge uphill climb ahead of him. If nothing
else, he will gain tremendous name recognition which will give him a
significant edge should he decide to later run for one of those more-local
offices you suggested.


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