Slightly OT: Pete Ashdown for Utah Senator in 2006

Joel Shellman jshellman at
Mon Jul 11 18:14:03 MDT 2005

On 7/11/05, Josh Coates <jcoates at> wrote:
> this, IMHO, is THE answer: [flash req'd]
> lame text version for those non-flash users:
> anyway, it's instant runoff elections.  they make all the sense in the
> world, and they prevent the "clinton wins because of bush voters voting for
> perot" problem (if you think it was a problem) we had in 1992.

Actually, instant runoff voting (IRV) has some slight issues, but it's
on the right track. I mentioned Condorcet (but I think I spelled it
wrong). It's supposed to solve some of the issues with IRV. I find it
really interesting, see:

There are lots of other resources about it on the web, also.

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