Slightly OT: Pete Ashdown for Utah Senator in 2006

Carl Youngblood carl.youngblood at
Mon Jul 11 16:12:15 MDT 2005

Help us to understand what you mean Mike. You're not giving us enough to go 
on by simply saying "doublethink." I thought he pointed out a lot of current 
problems in intellectual property laws and some good solutions.

Incidentally, Lawrence Lessig has a very insightful analysis of these issues 
in his book FREE CULTURES, a chapter of which can be heard on IT 

I would highly recommend listening to it. Very captivating!


On 7/11/05, Michael Huston <mike at> wrote:
> I looked at the site, and it seems to have a lot of "doublethink".
> If there's anyone who doesn't know what I mean, read 1984!
> Mike

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