Slightly OT: Pete Ashdown for Utah Senator in 2006

Carl Youngblood carl.youngblood at
Mon Jul 11 14:37:37 MDT 2005

Hey guys, I know that politics on the list is not normally appropriate, but 
I just wanted to inform you about a new candidate that my brother told me 
about who is planning on promoting patent and copyright reform in the US 
Senate. Since these subjects are near and dear to the heart of many list 
subscribers, I figured it would be okay to bring it up. He sounds like a 
good candidate.

On 7/10/05, Luke Youngblood <luke.youngblood at> wrote:
> Hey Carl, did you see this? I also wanted to let you know about a
> friend of mine that is running for senator against Orrin Hatch:
> Anyway, I have known Pete for years as he is the founder of Xmission
> and when I used to work for an ISP we were both part of the Coalition
> of Utah ISPs. I know you no longer live in Utah but I think it would
> be great if you asked some of your friends that are living there to
> support him. He may be a democrat but he is fiscally conservative and
> pro-life, as well as having informed views on technology. A big part
> of the reason he is running is that Orrin Hatch has been bought and
> paid for by the media companies. He wants to enact copyright reform
> and do away with the DMCA.
> Please support him if you get a chance.
> Thanks,
> Luke

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