July Meeting

Derek Carter goozbach at gurulabs.com
Mon Jul 11 07:18:31 MDT 2005

Using XEN
     7:30 PM
     ViaWest, Canopy 1 building, near the Lindon Home Depot
     (http://www.plug.org for map)

Derek Carter (goozbach) will present on the day-to-day use of the XEN 
Virtual Machine Monitor.  XEN is the new kid on the block of 
virtualization technologies. Come find out why big players in the open 
source world (such as Red Hat, SUSE, and others) are jumping on the XEN 
bandwagon.  Topics to be covered include:

Installing and configuring a XEN dom-0 (host) hypervisor kernel
Configuring and compiling a XEN dom-U (guest) kernel
Creating and configuring a XEN guest OS
Advanced XEN topics overview (guest migration etc.)

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