[net] user connction to sshd

Stuart Jansen sjansen at buscaluz.org
Sat Jul 9 23:35:06 MDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-07-09 at 23:05 -0600, Jeff Schroeder wrote:
> Anyway, the bottom line is that you're not seeing anything out of the 
> ordinary, and you should expect it to continue.  Just follow some 
> common-sense strategies to secure the box, and you'll be fine.

Where common-sense == use something more recent than RH8. SSH is a great
piece of software written by some very paranoid people. But IIRC, 8 is
old enough that even SSH has known security vulnerabilities. (And I
don't mean switching to RH9 or even FC2.)

/me cues the flood of distro X is better because of Y messages

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