Jason K Larson plug at
Thu Jul 7 22:52:11 MDT 2005

I'm brand new to the list so let me take this opportunity first to say Hi.

The reason I decided to join is to let people know that I have a few
extra copies of Ubuntu Linux that I received today in the mail.  Maybe
some of you are already familiar with it, but its new to me and I wanted
to check it out.  Which is why when I found out about an offering they
had where they would send you CDs for free I took it.  I had them send
me 10x v5.04 for Intel x86, 4x v5.04 for PowerPC, 3x v5.04 for
AMD64/EM64T.  Let me know if anyone is interested, I'd be happy to hand
these out for anyone curious like I am about it.  Seems each case has an
Install CD and a Live CD.

Personally I've been a Gentoo advocate for a few years now and run
several production servers and a few personal ones ranging from the
typical base install up to hardened+selinux installs on PPC and x86
hardware.  I am huge fan of gentoo, it was almost magical from the
moment I did my first stage1 install.  But I like to keep my eyes and
ears open to new possibilities and I have been hearing good things about


Jason K Larson

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