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James Lance james at thelances.net
Thu Jul 7 14:09:32 MDT 2005

Here is another job posting I've been asked to forward.


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Date: Thursday 07 July 2005 2:04 pm
From: Nick Wood <nwood at prohosting.com>
To: James Lance <james at thelances.net>

ProHosting is currently looking for someone to work on-site as a full
time unix system administrator in the Provo, Utah area.


The work will consist of the following:

     * Maintaining, installing and upgrading web, email and admin
server software
     * Maintaining and developing employee and client applications
     * Integrating systems with 3rd party API's
     * Work with technical support department to provide support

Required Skills

     * FreeBSD
     * Perl
     * MySQL
     * Apache
     * DNS
     * SMTP/POP
     * CGI
     * PHP (minimal)

Must be willing and capable of learning these and other similar

     * Qmail
     * XML
     * SpamAssassin
     * Linux / Gentoo
     * Raid
     * SOAP
     * C (minimal)

- This is a salaried position paying between $30k-$40k based on
individual and professional experience.

- Benefits include a medical and dental insurance as well as paid
holidays and vacation time.

If you are interested, please send a resume including references to Nick

Email: hr at prohosting.com
Fax: 801-226-9052


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