newby having issues with Grub

Derek Burdick derek at
Thu Jul 7 09:57:42 MDT 2005

Turn off optimizations when compiling GRUB.  I had a similar problem 
with GRUB hanging after it showed GRUB and this fixed it.

This page will also help you with GRUB errors.  Your specific issue is 
mentioned and the suggested fix is to turn off autodetection of hard 
drives in the BIOS.


Lee Higginson wrote:

> Hi everyone.  I've enjoyed reading the plug list ever since I was 
> referred to it by a plug member.  I still feel like quite a newbie 
> with linux although I have had some classes in school and did run my 
> own web server using Redhat for a few years.  I recently installed 
> Gentoo just following the directions and all seemed to go well except 
> for a problem I'm having with GRUB.  When I try and boot I see "GRUB" 
> filling the screen over and over like it's in an endless loop.  Does 
> anyone have any suggestions of what could possibly be wrong.  For all 
> I know this is typical behavior with GRUB when something isn't 
> configured correctly.  I thought I would just throw it out there to 
> see if any of you gurus knew of something off hand before I start 
> diving deeper into it.
> Lee Higginson
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