newby having issues with Grub

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Thu Jul 7 09:57:38 MDT 2005

On 7/7/05, Lee Higginson <leeard at> wrote:
>When I try and boot I see "GRUB" filling the
> screen over and over like it's in an endless loop.  Does anyone have any
> suggestions of what could possibly be wrong.  For all I know this is
> typical behavior with GRUB when something isn't configured correctly.

I've never seen that behavior from grub before.  Try booting off your
Gentoo install CD, mount your hard drive, chroot to the new mount, and
re-run the grub command (this will reinstall grub to your MBR).

Give more details.  Are you dual booting with Windows or another OS? 
Do you have more than one physical hard drive?  How big is your hard
drive (how old is it)?


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