newby having issues with Grub

Lee Higginson leeard at
Thu Jul 7 00:25:18 MDT 2005

Hi everyone.  I've enjoyed reading the plug list ever since I was 
referred to it by a plug member.  I still feel like quite a newbie with 
linux although I have had some classes in school and did run my own web 
server using Redhat for a few years.  I recently installed Gentoo just 
following the directions and all seemed to go well except for a problem 
I'm having with GRUB.  When I try and boot I see "GRUB" filling the 
screen over and over like it's in an endless loop.  Does anyone have any 
suggestions of what could possibly be wrong.  For all I know this is 
typical behavior with GRUB when something isn't configured correctly.  I 
thought I would just throw it out there to see if any of you gurus knew 
of something off hand before I start diving deeper into it. 

Lee Higginson
Payson  (Is that close enough to Provo to be a plug member?  :)   )

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