Perl: Removing NULL characters (0x00)

Doran Barton fozz at
Fri Feb 25 11:34:38 MST 2005

Not long ago, David Smith proclaimed...
> I wrote a perl TCP/IP client program that talks to a server. The server
> sends me ASCII over the scoket, but it appends a NULL byte to every string
> (0x00), which I discovered with file redirection and a hex editor (it was
> invisible in the shell output). How can I prune this byte off of the
> string in Perl? I tried chomp, but it appears to only remove \r and \n. I
> also tried s/\s+$// but \s doesn't appear to match the 0x00 character.

You could try chop (the old, less smart and more dangerous version of chomp).
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