Best sleek, trimmed down server distribution

Eric Jensen eric at
Thu Feb 24 09:21:27 MST 2005

We like to use Slackware for a trimmed down server.  It is like Debian 
in preferring to be stable instead of bleeding edge.  Even the latest 
Slackware doesn't even let you choose to install Kernel 2.6, for 
example.  It has great hardware support as well.

Eric Jensen

Kenneth Burgener wrote:

> Which distribution would you say would be the best for a LAMP server. 
> The machine is an OLD AMD K6-2 500MHz, 128MB RAM system.  I want a 
> lightning fast simple, trimmed down, non gui loaded Linux 
> distribution.  Any suggestions?  I have heard that Gentoo, Debian, or 
> Slackware are the most sleek distributions, is this so?
> Requirements:
> SSH login
> Will run Apache, PHP, MySQl
> Will run Samba
> Text based system config tool, similar to Suse's Yast (drives me crazy 
> that Mandrake and RedHat don't seem to have something like this).
> Kenneth
> kenneth at
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