Best sleek, trimmed down server distribution

David Smith DavidSmith at
Wed Feb 23 22:25:46 MST 2005

<quote who="Kenneth Burgener">
> David Smith wrote:
>> I have always loved Debian for this kind of setup. I usually use the
>> testing distribution, to avoid the massive updates in unstable and the
>> old
>> package versions in stable. The install footprint is small for a minimal
>> install, around 200Mb, and even a 90Mhz processor with 48Mb RAM was
>> enough
>> for my little Debian testing box. Go with stable if you don't mind
>> having
>> older versions of php/mysql, because the security updates are available
>> more quickly.
>> Good luck!
> Do you only need CD 1 for a minimal install?
> I have been trying to download the CD ISOs all day, and BitTorrent is
> dragging at 100KBps.  I finally decided to go for FTP as I was getting
> better performance at about 300KBps.  If I only need CD 1 to test out
> Debian, I would rather do that...

Yes, you only need one CD. I usually find the smallest netinst with a 2.4
kernel (this was about 2 years ago), and use that. Try it here:

This one (unofficial) is only 186MB:


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