white screen on monitor

Jared Bernard jared.bernard at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 12:55:38 MST 2005

I think I've narrowed down the cause of the white screen issue on this
laptop. I have the problem whenever I boot the computer when the
battery  is low. This is regardless of whether or not it's plugged in.
If I take the battery out and wake up the computer while it's plugged
in. I don't have a problem. I also don't have a problem if the battery
is fully charged and not plugged in.

Does anyone know if I buy a new battery if this will fix the problem?
I'd hate to buy a new battery and be stuck with the same problem.

Any other ideas as to fixing this isssue?


On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:39:21 -0700, Jared Bernard
<jared.bernard at gmail.com> wrote:
>over the weekend I did a HD install of Knoppix on the
> Compaq. Each time I start X the screen goes white. 1/2 the time I can
> put the laptop to "sleep" and wake it up again and then it works fine.
> The other 1/2 of the time I put the laptop to "sleep" and X flickers
> on for about 2 secs then goes back to the white screen. I usually then
> reboot and can get the white screen to go away. At first, I though it
> was something with the power management so I turned that off in the
> BIOS and in KDE but to no success.
> Any suggestions, ideas as to what' s going on and how to fix it?
>  JB

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