Job: C++, Linux, Solaris, Embedded

David Smith DavidSmith at
Tue Feb 22 16:47:27 MST 2005

My employer is looking for a full-time software developer to do C/C++,
Linux, Solaris, and/or Embedded development.

We do some pretty cool stuff with embedded and non-embedded Linux and Qt
GUIs. We also do FPGA and DSP development if you're into hardware and
signal processing. It's a really cool place to work with lots of free food
and some pretty nice financial perks. We're located near 2400 S Redwood in

Email me a resume privately if you're interested. If you're not an
embedded geek or signal head, that's probably okay (I wasn't).


P.S. I'm just an engineer with no actual decision-making powers, and I
don't represent my company in any official (or unofficial) capacity, but I
do get a nice referral bonus if you're hired.

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