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Jason Jones j at
Tue Feb 22 15:04:27 MST 2005

>>The normal mode (install from CD/DVD) would have picked up your NIC card 
>>fine.  The FTP/HTTP/NFS installs are all considered manual mode 
>>installation, and the manual mode install leaves it all up to you to 
>>figure out.
>Wonderful. So there are two sets of code in there, one for "normal"
>mode, and the other for "manual" mode. That's rather inelegant.
>They also have a different definition of "normal" than I do: I do all
>my installations across the network. It's faster, especially if you
>take into account time spent burning CD-ROMs.
>Thanks for the explanation.
I have to disagree.  I've installed SUSE, NLD, and SLES all various 
times (because my employment sometimes requires me to) and each time I 
install, I choose HTTP or FTP, and my NIC is automatically set up.  I'm 
not sure how you had your settings, but setting it up by pressing F-3 
and choosing a medium other than CD or DVD does *not* mean "go to manual 

Just FYI.


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