Fw: $2,000 Project Offer

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Tue Feb 22 11:38:18 MST 2005

Hey folks,

Hope I'm not breaking any pluglist rules by posting this.  I have a programming project that needs to be done.  It is some sort of keyword-search/google api type thing that needs to be integrated into a content management system.  

My current programmers are unavailable to take this project on at this time.  This project pays $2000 and no more.  I'm sorry that I cannot get you any more.  If you KNOW you can do this or know of someone else who can do this and is interested, please contact me using the information below.  The two Word files describing the two parts of this project can be found here:


This needs to be done asap.  I also have a document describing how this can be done.  This may save you a lot of time.  Also, even though it says this project will use a windows server, you can use Linux if you prefer.  Either one works.

Jason Eugene Ho-Ching
eChazen.com Internet Solutions
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