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>Vonage offers a deal to small businesses that states for only $50/month.. snip  >but it's kinda scary. The owners here would be upset if
      >the phones didn't work even for a day.
    Why not have the best of both worlds?
Depending on the PBX (or other telcom system) in use at your business location, it may be possible to have a set of back up lines. These lines usually can be any mix or match desired w/ other carriers.
    If and when the sad day comes that the main vendor goes belly up (duration does not matter when your lively hood is based on telephone communication ~ down time is just not acceptable is some cases) the back up lines automatically takeover and only the actually calls that will be lost are those which were in progress at the time of main vendor failure.
    When the main vendor has corrected their problem(s) and are back "on line", the auxiliary or backup system lines will stop being used as each current call normally drops off. In short order, the whole system will be back on the main vendor, again all this will be automatic. [Of cousre your "auxillary carrier(s)" billing for the next month is gonna be a bit higher. :-) ]
    Depending on your management people AND the telecomm consulting folk, the backup system of lines can be available for a modest mondthly fee and not cost anything additional until such time as they are in actual use. It is a kind of insurance that seems to be needed, from your comment about how important phones are to your organization. Gives me pause to wonder, if you do not have some kind of back system in place already ... or has that situation been overlooked.??? Oooooppssss.!   (:-(
    This kind of overall telecomm network planning is by-far best done initially, when a business is still in the planning stage However, in many cases, depending on a number of factors, such can be implemented as needed (and as funds are allocated to such a project) without the process being too big of a headache.
    Not being bragadocious or anysuch, but this has been my field of endeavor for the past 20 years. If you want a bit of help or discussion, drop me a direct Email: we can exchange phone #'s if you wish. I have done a lot of telephone consultilng on telecom systems over the years.
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