Meetinghouse room scheduling software - suggestions??

Scott Pepperdine spepper at
Mon Feb 21 07:41:04 MST 2005

I need to find some software to manage meetinghouse rooms.  I would think
there is business or convention software that would do some of what is

Software should allow for:
1.    defining separate rooms/resources (cultural hall, scout room, relief
society room, kitchen, etc.).
2.    defining organizations and/or contacts (xx ward relief society, troop
yy scouts, etc.)
3.    establishing repetitive uses (1st Wednesday of each month, Every
Tuesday at 7:00 for 2 hours, etc.)
4.    removing single instances of repetitive usage (Cancel scouts use on a
particular Tuesday)
5.    warning of conflicts
6.    printed reports showing planned usage of rooms/resources

Does anyone have any experience with this type of software that can make
some recommendations?



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